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Monday, November 5, 2012


No living soul ever wants to be alone. Everybody wants to have somebody they can belong to, someone they can call their own and someone to call them theirs'. People go to different lengths for love and affection, and in a way they cannot be blamed. It has become scarce so the laws of Demand and Supply can, will and is very well applied to it.

This is a telephone conversation between Sara and Hafiz, two young hearts that found their way to each other .....

Sara: Assalam aleikum, My All *smiling broadly

Hafiz: Ameen w aleikum assalam, My Queen. Long live the Queen of my heart. How are you this lovely evening?

Sara: *seriously blushing and heart rate increasing* I am very fine, Hayati, I feel even better now that I am hearing your voice. I missed you so much. How are you and how was your day at work? I hope you had lunch?

Hafiz: Yes, I have had lunch I sent you a message, remember? *chuckling*

Sara: * face palm* oh yes, yes you did. Silly forgetful me.... so ....

Hafiz: So adorable when you call yourself silly with your melodious voice *kissing sound* All in all my day was okay, the NEWS was broadcast at it's best since the bosses didn't hassle me. Oh and this came in last minute, I will be on duty for the next three nights.

Sara: Oh dear! *frowning* That means our Friday night dinner is cancelled?! *sad sigh* *murmuring to self* they couldn't pick any other weekend! Wickedness!

Hafiz: I can still hear you my little grumbling diamond...please don't be annoyed

Sara: *manages a smile* I am not annoyed with you it's just been a long time we spent more than an hour in each other's presence and I miss you so bad *sniffs* But okay, may Allah make it easy and successful for you. Finish safely and return safely, ameen. After all if you weren't the best they wouldn't regularly request for you. *smiling honestly

Hafiz: That's my Queen. Now tell me how were your little rascals today?

Sara: *laughing* as usual; rascals and sweet! They learn very fast, Sweetheart and they motivate me with their eagerness. I really love my new job I have the chance to read books and be with little children. It's really amazing! Thank you for all the encouragement and unwavering faith! I really don't know where I would have been right now if we had not met ...well actually if you had not been so annoyingly persistent in visiting me at home.

Hafiz: *hearty laughter* my friends started believing you had jazzed me spiritually! The truth be told you actually had and I know you didn't even know about my existence for you to have gone to any boka. You are a born charmer. You fact I am the one to be thanking you, Queen Sara. I am impatiently waiting for you to get over your fear of being attached to someone permanently In Sha Allah. You have no idea how much you mean to me. This statement is such a cliche but really, I do love you.

Sara: *smiling from ear to ear* You always know how to get me tongue-tied and breathless. I don't have the right words to tell you but I know I have the right feelings for you and it keeps growing beautifully second after second. I don't know either if it's love I feel but I know I love the way it makes me tingle when I think of you or hear your voice. It's the most calming effect ever. I never want it to end!

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