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Monday, November 26, 2012


Our whole lives, we keep praying we meet that special someone who would make the difference. Someone, who would broaden our paths, brighten our eyes, soften our emotions & redefine our existence. Quite a number of people are fortunate to meet that special someone at an early age but for most of us, we have to go through life's trials & tribulations before that special someone comes along.

For Freddy, the story is totally different. His special someone, Ann, came at a time when he had no focus. Utterly confused with no self-control whatsoever. He was young, reckless, unserious, self-centered & stubborn. Little did he know that she was THE ONE. As time went by, things started working out for him. He started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But to her, he was too unserious to commit to anything.

*pause* Let's talk about Freddy...

Well, Freddy (Real name Alfred) is the type of person who deeply fears rejection. So he turns everything into a joke to prevent himself from getting hurt badly. See, if he likes/loves someone, he can't tell the person straight up. Chicken? HELL-freaking-YEAH!!! He mostly keeps to himself. No, he tells his close friends but never that person. Somewhere along the line, he gathers the courage to 'jokingly' tell the person he is falling & asks if the person is interested. If he gets a YES, it's a win-win. If he gets rejected, weeeeell, he was just kidding yeah? THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Then they move on.

That's Freddy... The Chicken! *play*

With the image he portrayed to Ann, he had no chance. To make things worse, Ann said to him; "You are like a Brother to me". (A guy's worst nightmare from the girl he loves)  Heartbroken he was but then again he knew, nothing good came easy. He was determined & decided to try harder. Told her he was really into her. She nailed him in all sorts of ways. He got the 9inch 12inch 15.5inch ... You name it. But he didn't give up. He kept pushing. It became a habit. He knew what he wanted & was certain that with time, it would (or rather she would) come to him.

A couple of cuts stitch & bruises later, Ann finally said yes. "YES, we should give it a try" she said. With great enthusiasm, he told her he wouldn't let her down. She would never regret this decision. He would always be there, through thick & thin, in sickness & in health (I bet you all watch movies so you know the drill =D). He was so excited & glorified at the moment.

Hours later, reality kicked in. He thought to himself; "Now that you've your dream girl, what are you going to do next? You KNOW this is just the beginning yeah? This is not what you see on screen; you ask a girl out, she says yes & you live happily ever after. No, It aint no movie. This is the real deal. The problem isn't being in love but staying in love. Are you ready for that? There are challenges & obstacles, are you willing to make sacrifices to overcome them? Are you physically, mentally & socially fit to go on this never-ending rollercoaster ride? Are you? ARE YOU?" *the questions kept popping*

"YES, YES, YES, YES, YES... YES!!!" He said to himself. "If other people can do it, why can't I? I am ready. I AM READY, to make sacrifices, to face the challenges, to be there when needed, stay up all night if I have to, to smile & make her smile, to forgive & apologize when I am wrong, to be compassionate & understanding, loving & caring, & most importantly, I am ever willing ever ready to be that special someone for my special someone till my clock stops ticking.

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