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Monday, November 26, 2012

FRAGILE BONDS - @D_OddButterfly

She is quiet, he is quiet too. It seems they have nothing to say to each other. He loves her completely, she loves him much less. A victim of circumstances, she has lost the one she loves. Not wanting to die alone she accepts the 1st guy she meets. With no love in her heart she agrees to his suit.

He tries so hard to make her love him. He knows how she feels, but he is convinced with time she'd learn to love again. He intends to be that man, the man she finally loves again. So he works for her heart. He gives her his all, his everything.

She knows she should try, she should try to love him too, but it seems she can't. She has lost the ability to feel. So she watches him passively as he tries to win her heart. She sees his suffering, but somehow she doesnt really care. Like an out of body experience, she feels like its someone else being made love to.

He has done all he can. But nothing seems to work. She's like a hard case of ice and his warm touch can't pass through to melt her heart. Each cold reaction chips at his confidence. Every impassive glance tears at his soul. He can't take the pain anymore. Though he tries to hide it, the pain is finally beginning to dull the shine in his eyes.

Time they say heals all hurts. And with time the old love has faded. And slowly she relents. She finds herself laughing secretely at his jokes. She's humming the tune to the song he calls 'our song'. Suddenly she realizes, she has fallen for him. But she has become so used to not caring, now that she wants to care, she can't. She can't show him because she's so set in her ways. Taking steps to change seems terrifying.

She can't give him the love he deserves. He's hurting, she knows he's hurting and she hurts with him too.
She doesn't know how to heal the pain, she's helpless. She's scared to try incase she meets with a rebuttal. The truth? She doesn't even know HOW to try. She doesn't know where to start from. She's beginning to crumble under the strain.

He's going numb. He has been through so much... He tries to block the love in his heart. He tries to force his heart to love less. Maybe feeling nothing would be better than this agony of unrequitted love. He has been the one carrying the relationship and the strain is getting to him. He's grown weary of the burden and is willing to finally let it go. But its such a huge step, he's scared to btreak those bonds. Bonds that have defined his existence for so long. Will he survive without her?

The fragile bond that holds them together has been worn so thin and is in severe danger of breaking.
He has stopped trying. She doesn't know how to try. She doesn't know how to deal with this new side of him.
He is waiting for her next move, like a chess game in stalemate, neither moving ahead, neither going back. Miscommunication.

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