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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


 Adam and Leila on their weekly cut-and-dried walk to visit Adam’s grandparents at the countryside in their farmhouse which was only a mile away from Adam’s street and Leila was the girl next door. The one mile stroll was joyful like the ones before. On reaching the doorstep, Adam barges in yelling, “Granpaaaaa, Granmaaaaa!”  Leila chuckled, “Granpaaaaaaa!” Adam yelled for the second time. Leila grabbed his right arm “Baby! We should check the backyard he’s probably with Virgo” she said. Virgo was Grandpa’s favorite horse. Grandpa was standing with his back to them, brushing Virgo’s mane; “GRANDPA” said Adam, “Oh my boy” Grandpa said as he turned to hug Adam closely. “Good evening Mr. Perez” Leila said smiling warmly “my dear Leila, how are you?” “I’m fine thank you” Leila replied hugging him closely, giving him a peck. “It is always nice seeing you two together” Grandpa said, Adam and Leila wore a smile on their faces and glanced at each other.So, where’s Grandma?” Adam asked? “She’s out to sympathize with a friend, Miss Jenny who lately lost her son” Grandpa replied. “Oh that’s sad” Leila said.

“Oh yes it is sad my dear” Mr. Perez said. “Come with me both of you let’s have some evening tea”. When the tea was ready, Adam and Leila who were sitting on a couch holding hands were given a mug of tea each by Grandpa. Grandpa pants and poises in his recliner making Leila chuckle a little and Mr. Perez smiled. They all were quite for some moment sipping their tea. Leila starts to tease Adam by playfully kicking his ankle with her right leg “ouch” Adam complained halfheartedly Leila chuckled, he does the same to her but a bit harder, “Ouch” she says loudly reaching for his left ear firmly and tenaciously! “OK I’m sorry I’m sorry” said Adam laughingly. Grandpa chortled and shook his head. They all laughed and settled back for some seconds before Grandpa said, “Let me tell you a story” then Grandpa started by saying,” you two will be the first to hear this and probably the last”. They both totally concentrated on Grandpa with Adam holding Leila’s hand. Grandpa composed his sitting position facing them both saying “it’s on how I met my Fiona, your Grandma”.

“It’s been four and half decades now. One day after closing from my part-time job at the bar, I was rushing to beat the time for school I had a test to write which I couldn’t afford to miss. On reaching the first corner of the street, I stopped by the shop there called ‘OINS’ to get some ginger drink. I got one, I was waiting for the cashier to hand me my change while looking around when I sighted the most beautiful creature passing by across the street. I walked out of OINS without having my change or my ginger drink. She traversed the street as she happened to be the last person for the last second before the lanes gets busy again. I was straining my neck to find out which direction she went but she seemed to have vanished! In my eagerness to find her, I nearly got hit by a car, I had to find her and I thankfully I did in a phone booth making a call. The moment she finished, I said “Excuse me miss” and she politely replied questioningly “Yes?” with a smile on her pretty face, her eyes glowing like ambers, her dimples, her curly hair, her height,  her fingers….she was a wonderful piece of work, something worthy! She was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. I stood there like a statue, I wasn’t hearing anything until she said “Hellooooo” and made some snapping sound and I responded “Yes! Sorry please, err…. I saw you passing by and uhh…. I uhh wanted to…” I couldn’t look straight into her eyes, she laughed and I cackled. I developed some confidence and confidently said to her “I was on my way to school and I saw you crossing MARINA Street” deep down inside me I was sweating and totally sick as I remembered I should be in school for my test. But I remained being a man standing strong. She didn’t talk and I hushed too for some seconds staring at her then I asked “mind if I know your name please?” she then stared hurriedly at the opposite side of the road. I said to her “well my name is Perez and it would mean a lot to me if you could kindly tell me yours please”. She replied, “Fiona” moving fast towards a car that had stopped behind me, I asked eagerly “how do I get to see you again?” She smiled and they drove off but I could manage to mug up the plate number and the color of the car. “How did you end up with your test Mr. Perez?” Leila asked? “That is out of our story now my dear” Mr. Perez replied.

Weeks later I saw the car passing by my work place I asked my co-worker who owned it and he told me. Her house wasn’t hard to trace. After work I went by her house fortunately enough, I didn’t wait for long Fiona came out with her dog for walk down the street. I can still remember her dress. I walked to her and said, “Mind me strolling with you Fiona?” “Perez!?” said Fiona, with an astonished face.” How did you find me?” “A true beauty can never hide from the person who sees it” I replied, and she smiled. In my heart I was extremely happy she could instantly remember my name. That evening we had a really great and memorable time.

As time went by, Fiona’s mother, Christina, found out about us. We were earnestly in love. Christina never liked me. Throughout the time we were dating, two years and a few months, Fiona hid something from me. She never wanted to hurt my feelings, she never wanted me to be depressed mentally as she wholeheartedly knew how I cared, cherished and loved her. Fiona’s mother wanted her to marry “VICK VIKAN”. It was never easy for me hearing that! It was the most unfortunate news I’d ever heard. I was anguished mentally! I was mad at Fiona when she told me, tears blinded my eyes, but she understood what I was going through. Fiona hugged me, unlike the normal hug we used to have, after some seconds, she whispered in my ear “It’s you that I love! It’s you that I want”, she cupped my face with her two hands, looked straight into my eyes then kissed my lower lip whispering “We’ll be in touch”.

A week passed by and I hadn’t heard from Fiona; I began to not trust the hopes but I trusted her anyway. I decided to check up on her. At the doorstep, I pressed the bell; the house maid attended to me. “Welcome Sir” she said. “Please I’m here to see Fiona. Tell her it’s Perez” I said. “OK! Sir.”  After some minutes I over-heard Christina yelling; “What would you do with a poor boy? He’s not worthy of you!” “Says who?” cried out Fiona! Then a car arrived, so flashy, he stepped out of the car very affable and confident gentleman “Hello” he said, “Hello” I replied. We shook hands and remained silent. At that moment Fiona came down in tears sniveling, she hugged me “Oh my God sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I asked as I hugged her warmly. I wiped the tears off her face. Vick was holding up there and beaming, like he’s spooked! Looking fixedly! “Fiona?” said Vick. Fiona looked at him while she was leaning on my chest, “Is he Perez?” Vick asked? Fiona nodded. Then Christina came down looking highly upset! Vick looked at all of us; “I can put an end to this” said Vick. And he started to calm Christina by saying “You know it hurts to love someone and not to be loved in return, but what is more aching is to love someone and never see the fearlessness to let that person know how you feel! Fiona is not right person for me, but they deserve each other indeed. Love is not about wealth it vanishes away! When the door of happiness closes another opens but we often see the closed ones. Fiona I would not like to close this door of happiness for you. We never say goodbye to love and to our loved ones as I loved you dearly Fiona, I’d like not to give up, I’d like not to let it go as love comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been betrayed or disappointed.  Fiona Go for someone who makes you smile. It takes only a smile to make the dark days bright”. Fiona hugged Vick and said to him “Thanks for being you, Vick”.

From that day to this day we’ve been happy and helping each other through life. I hail her for being mine and as well for making the most difficult decision of a lifetime which favors me. The sun wouldn’t be red, the sea wouldn’t be blue, the stars wouldn’t be bright, I wouldn’t be happy without Fiona. Your Grandmother. She is the best decision I ever made.
“Wooooow that’s the most romantic story ever!” said Leila
“It is” said Mr. Perez beaming
“Yes sir” Adam echoed after him.
“It is getting late. You two should start going” said Grandpa.
“Regards to Grandma” said Adam
“Good night Mr. Perez” said Leila
“Good night my dear and be safe, and regards to all Adam” Mr. Perez replied.

Strolling back home Adam and Leila share their customary jokes and laughs before arriving at Leila’s doorstep, rain starts falling and the two cover their heads with Adam’s jacket rushing and giggling. The good night kiss was anomalous and special, Leila said to Adam “thank you and good night my Love”  He smiled broadly and turned to walk home thinking he had got to be the luckiest man on earth, next to Grandpa!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

JAMES' JEM - @Fatumoriginal

Jemima always had a smile for anyone who came her way. It seemed to people she had not a care in the world. She shared and cared for them without burdening them with her own worries. No matter how hard they tried to get to know what could be bothering her so they could return the favour, she would reply; “You have already helped me. My troubles ease when your troubles cease.” They all thought she was an angel in human form. She never got annoyed or complained or even mocked the ones that complained, no secrets were ever heard elsewhere. So long as you needed her, she would make time for you. And she always made their troubles seem easier to handle, where she could assist financially she did and where physically she would. Although Jemima never complained, at night, after the world has had its fair share of cries and worries, she would cuddle up under her cover with her tomcat Chico and cry herself to sleep. So many nights she endured this routine until the day Johnny bumped into her.

Jemima always preferred staying back for lunch, she never enjoyed eating in crowd, she was very conscious of the way she chewed, she was conscious of everything about herself. Never mind that she radiated of self confidence, Jemima was a broken spirit. Her last encounter with love left her in total doubt of herself, her capabilities and her physical being in general. She avoided being with people in joyous occasions, she felt she would bring them ill luck. That was among the reasons she was such a good listener and helper of the less privileged. So on this very fine, sunny Wednesday, Jemima had run out of sweetener and she decided to go buy some for herself. On her way through the gates, a young man chasing after a Labrador, that she luckily jumped out of its way accidentally pushed her. Being very petit in frame, Jemima toppled all the way backwards and hit her head really hard as she crashed to the floor.

“Hey, PYT, you got to wake up now, it’s been 3 days already. Please get up!” A gentle eager masculine voice urged her making her stir trying hard to open her eyes adjusting it to the flood of light streaming in through the windows. The sheets felt weird, the pillows were definitely not hers; where on earth was she? Jemima wondered to herself as her eyes began to adjust, the blurriness becoming much clearer and the lights no longer as harsh as before. “Oh my head! Where am I?” She asked as the young man came into her vision. “Hello Jem, you’re in the hospital. You’ve been in here for three days, all thanks to me.” He said lowering his voice as he said the last part. “It’s a wonder I’m not dead” she said giving her warmest smile, reassuring him no harm had been caused. After a few more tests and scans, Jemima was declared fit to leave the very next day. Johnny was with her throughout the entire procedures and was adamant about leaving her alone since she came to. Jemima was glad of his company; it felt good having someone fuss over her even though she tried no t get too comfortable with the idea. She told herself he would be gone once she started going back to work.

Johnny called on her every day and night; he would invite her out under the pretence of taking their pets out for fresh air or saying she needed to make sure none of her senses went numb after the fall. Jemima was glad of his presence in fact, she found herself looking forward to his visits; she wore brighter colours, had her hair done every week, always wanted to get home early, listened to more Celine Dion songs, hummed to herself, even her colleagues commented on her lively, springy, footsteps. Jemima seemed to be falling in love with Johnny. She kept telling herself it wasn’t love; she was just lonely and needed company. But each time she saw him, a new wave of life swept over her, her heart sang its own song, her body moved in time to the tune, her eyes shone with the light, her spirit soared. She loved this man that made her unconscious. Maybe she was still unconscious she thought so many times pinching herself; “Oh you’re wide awake darling, you best accept that reality and enjoy it” her sub-conscious would tell her.

“Jem, I’m in love with you” Johnny told her on the 6th month of the day he had knocked her over. “You are an amazing person, I watch you struggle with so many emotions, I try to ask but I don’t want to push you into anything or force anything out of you. Today, I want you to share in my emotion, to push every other aside and be for me. You may not feel the same but I know what I feel will be enough for the both of us. I only need you to let me love you, let me introduce you to my family and friends not only as the lady I knocked over but as the woman I love and want to share a future with.” Jemima was awed; she starred at him with her mouth agape as though she was watching something amazing on a screen. She couldn’t believe her ears heard all he had just said. It was meant for her and her alone. She had to run away, she had to find a place to hide far from him, far from everything he had just told her. She broke down in tears; “I can’t let you. I won’t let you” she sobbed very hard, hugging him really close. He tried to get her to explain to him what she wouldn’t allow him do, why she was so terrified, why her body shook and why her eyes all of a sudden became an expression of fear. But she wouldn’t stop repeating those words over and over again so he held her as if to assure her whatever it was she was scared of wouldn’t happen. He would never hurt her and he would never let anyone hurt her.

Weeks went by and Jemima refused to accept Johnny’s calls or reply his messages. She avoided every place they went together and every place she knew he would hang out or wait for her. Jemima was in a terrible state of fear and she wished she could tell him why but that would even worsen the situation so she did what she thought was best for everyone, she totally avoided Johnny even though it broke her heart daily especially since she knew the effort he had been putting in to still get to her despite her rejection and coldness towards him. One sunny day, a co-worker informed her that she saw Johnny at the train station and he said he was travelling for a couple of days to attend to some issues out of the state Jemima gave a weak smile and thanked her then she decided to go to the park where they usually met on Wednesdays after working hours. It was usually quiet by that time of the day being filled with mostly couples engrossed with each other not noticing anyone or anything else. As she sat on the bench they always sat on, Johnny appeared and sat beside her clasping her hands very tightly in his at first frightening her until she realized it was him “But  ... but you’re away, I mean that’s what Lucy told me” she stumbled her words very confused and angry. “Yes I know” he replied “I asked her to do me that favour because I knew you would come here. I had to see you. I have been going out of my mind wondering what had come over you….what is wrong, Jemima?” She shook her head with so much fear in her eyes and her whole being trembling… why wouldn’t he just go somewhere else and let her be? She asked herself. “I love you, Jem. I L-O-V-E –Y-O-U, JEMIMA and I am not leaving here except you tell me you don’t  then I will never ever bother you again” he said with a stubborn gleam in his eyes. Jemima shook her head and tears poured down her face but before she could say a word “BANG” the loudest most deafening sound was heard and then she saw Johnny fall to the ground. Jemima screamed and cried calling for help, begging him not to die, to hang on. With her head bent over his body still sobbing and hugging him close, she didn’t notice the shadow that formed over them until the deepest cruelest voice said “You are my Jemima. No one will ever have you, James’ Jem” and he walked away as she hugged Johnny still closer to her his blood staining her and her tears staining him.

UNDER A CERTAIN TREE - @WordsworthGwary

Seated few meters away from the sea shore under an orange tree - a blossoming orange tree. A beautiful scenery, surrounded by very green grasses and jasmine flowers - air filled with jasmine's scent. Melodic sounds to his ears; the canary birds hovering over the tree, chirping lyrical sounds & the sound of water lapping from the sea. Watching the sun as it sets. A heavenly paradise is that place, wherein all pleasant thoughts flows: where imagination and love blossoms and grows, like a seed planted, watered by tears of love, that grows into a tree and bears fruit, that ripe themselves to cry - like a heart filled with emotions and no one to shower them on. Jafar was lost in his thoughts of Jasmine. Nourishing and relishing the beautiful moments they once shared under this very tree. Every Saturday, Jafar sits under the orange tree and to mourn his loss of Jasmine and their unborn child. He died 3 times from the hands of Jade; 1st was when he caught her with her father. The 2nd and 3rd, when she killed Jasmine and their unborn child. His life has never been the same. The only place he found solace was under the orange tree where they planted the seed of their of love and watered it with tears of their painful pasts.

Jasmine was a rare gem with humble soul, who owns a fair heart. A soft spoken lady with a charming smile and a soothing laughter. Her mellifluous voice, sweeter than the voice of a Siren. She has a bright pretty face; big brown eyes, a pointed nose and succulent lips. She has a slim elegant-curvy-physique - alluring gestures while she walks briskly. She was a remarkable creature, but she could never be compared with Jade. Jade was Jafar's first love. An epitome of beauty, she was. Think of beauty at its finest form and that is Jade. Jafar met her during his last days in the university. It was love at first sight; the connection sparked upon their first eye contact. It happened so fast, so fast that Jafar thought he was dreaming. Jade was a rare beauty, admired, adored and wooed by many (men and women). Yes, she is that beautiful. The connection between them was purely fate in action. Not even in his wildest dream has Jafar imagined them being together - in love. But fate favours whom it wishes and when it wishes; fate bound them together.

Jafar was a smart young man, full of potentials and had a bright future ahead. Jade tagged along and became part of his life. He made future plans with her in the picture. She supported and encouraged him.  Life was near-perfect, everything was falling into place. Upon graduation, Jafar got a lucrative job. They started making marriage plans. They were both excited as well their families and friends. Sounded like the perfect union in-the-making for the most deserving couples who went through thick and thin together. Everything was in order, a wedding date was fixed and wedding preparations were in progress. To Jafar, life has been extremely fair to him. He had a great job, a lovely lady beside him; he was in Shangri-la. He was exceedingly faithful and loyal to Jade, patient and compassionate. In return, Jade was as loyal and faithful to him or so he thought.

One fateful evening, on his way back to town from an official assignment, he decided to make an unannounced visit to Jade's apartment. Just a week left to their wedding and he has been away for 3 weeks, he missed her and wanted to surprise her. So he felt there was no need to inform her he was coming. And there were some minor details he wanted them to sort out about the wedding preparations. He parked his car some few meters away from her apartment - out of sight. He went through the back door and into her apartment. Gently he tiptoed in, hoping to catch her off-guard and off-guard he caught her. What he saw sent a chill thrill down his spine. An unimaginably disturbing act. Jafar stood by the door in utter shock as he watched Jade and her father shamelessly have intercourse. He tried to speak but his voice was gone. He tried to move but his body was numb. To his dismay, they were both enjoying it. Breathing heavily as he watched in horror. He found his voice and all he could mutter was: 'Incest!' Both turned around in amazement and utter shock. Jafar fled before any of them could speak.

Jafar bolted out of the house in shock, forgetting his car, he ran as fast as he could - far away from Jade. Jasmine was late for an appointment - she drove as fast as she could in order to make it. Her phone rang, while trying to remain focus and at the same curious to find out who was calling, she quickly glanced at her phone to see who was calling. Next thing she felt was her car ramming into something, she quickly brought the car to a halt. Her heart racing, she began sweating instantly, her body trembling while a million thoughts ran through her mind. 'What did she hit?' 'How could she be so careless?' 'She should never have glanced at her phone when it rang.' She took a deep breath, pulled herself together and got out of the car. Lying before her in a pool of blood was a man. She looked around but there was no one around to help her. Tears flowed from her eyes, afraid she might have killed him. She ran to him, dragged him into her car and took him to the hospital. Jafar was unconscious for 2 weeks. The doctors at first thought he wouldn't make it. Jasmine was really disturbed. She spent the whole 2 weeks beside him, praying he wakes up. He had no identification on him, no wallet, no phone - nothing. She couldn't contact anyone. She was lost and full of fear. Late into the night on his 2nd week of coma, Jasmine was asleep on a chair beside his bed when she heard someone murmuring which woke her up. She woke up startled, hoping he was the one murmuring. And to her delight, it was him. She tried to make sense of what he was saying but couldn't. All her ears could pick out was: 'Damn you Jade! Damn you Jade! Damn you Jade!' She put her hand on his chest and tried to calm him down. After some minutes, he was silent and fast asleep. Back in her chair, Jasmine wondered who Jade was. Jafar regained consciousness in the morning. After some series of tests, the doctor declared there was progress. A sigh of relief came from Jasmine. Jafar couldn't remember what happened and how he ended up in a hospital. Jasmine spent the whole evening chatting him up, relaying everything that transpired. She pleaded with him to forgive her, seeing the sincerity of plea in her eyes, he forgave. He never intended to blame her for the unfortunate incident. A week later, the doctor declared him fit to be discharged.

Upon his release from the hospital, Jafar pleaded with Jasmine not to take him back to his apartment. He asked her to take him to a hotel, and promised to pay her back when he has recovered fully but she objected. She wanted to keep an eye on him, she had a better idea. She took him to her apartment. Jafar was grateful for that gesture. Days went by and he unconsciously grew fond of Jasmine and so did she of him. They will spend hours talking at length about life, cook together, take evening walks and go to the movies sometimes. One beautiful saturday morning around 4am, Jasmine woke him up and told him to get dressed. He reluctantly did so. When he was ready, he found her waiting in the car. She took him to the beach. Hold my hand and walk with me Jafar, she said. She led him to an orange tree surrounded by jasmine flowers, a lovely spot with a lovely view of the sea. Sit with me Jafar, let's watch the sunrise above the sea. She turns to Jafar & took his hand into hers. Gently, while staring into his eyes, she asked him: 'What's that dark story inside you that is eating you up? Talk to me please! Tell me all about it!' Jafar stared back into her eyes and then looked away. I want to let it out but talking about it hurts even more. Love is cruel! My heart cannot take any more pains and betrayal. He sighed.

Jasmine was silent and still as he spoke, he raised his head to let his eyes catch her gaze and saw her eyes filled with tears. He felt guilty. Gently, he squeezed her hand and asked why she was crying. She then relayed the whole story to him. How her about-to-be husband died from a car accident on the day of their wedding. She lost interest in life after his death; she was emotionally battered. She found this spot a year after his death. She found it comforting and peaceful. Under this very orange tree, she grieved. I once gave up on love, she said. But I found hope in it again on the day I rammed into you with my car. It was sign, a sign that my emotions could still glow and love. It reminded me of how my beloved died. Gently, Jafar pulled her to his shoulder to comfort her. He then told her about Jade and what transpired the day the accident happened. Tears flowing from their eyes, with both hearts melting - overwhelmed with emotions. Under the orange tree that morning, a new seed of love was planted. A year later, they got married. It became a ritual to them, every Saturday, they go to the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise and in the evening to watch the sunset.

Life was good - near perfect, until the day Jasmine died mysteriously. Jasmine was 7 months pregnant, both were happy and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby. For weeks, they have been arguing on what name they will give the baby. They both agreed they will decide 2 weeks before she delivers. On that fateful day, Jafar left Jasmine at home and headed to work. As he always does ever since she got pregnant, he calls her hourly to check on her. While at work, an idea occurred to him about what name to give the baby. He closed early from work and rushed home to his beloved wife. On arrival, he ran into the house calling out her name but what he met was stiff silence and the echo of his voice. He ran upstairs, checked bedrooms, the bathrooms, ran downstairs, checked the guest-room, but he couldn't find her. Where could she have gone? He thought. He dialed her number and heard her phone ringing from the kitchen. He ran into the kitchen and found her lying in her pool of blood. He falls on his knees and crawls towards her, crying profusely as he strokes her face. His eyes caught the sight of a glittering object a few meters away from Jasmine's body. He stood up and reached for the object, picked it up and behold, it was Jade's ring. He slumped and fainted.

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LOVE'S DECEPTION - @Basheerababy

Like any beautiful morning, with a gleam of hope in her eyes, Lauren woke up to the lovely bird singing in her ears. She hurriedly jumped out of bed and went straight to the shower. Feeling hungry but lacking appetite, she quickly fixed a bowl of cereal. She had just an hour to get to the airport and catch her flight. She was excited as she was about going to see her parents after a long tiring year. She hurriedly packed and called a cab. The driver helped with her luggage. Standing by the car door, she turned to look at her house which brought back a lot of memories. During the drive to the airport, Lauren kept herself busy with her phone, listening to music trying hard to ignore the series of thoughts going through her head...."Life is not fair" she whispered to herself.
Millions of thoughts ran through her mind; from her first date with Khalid to the last time she saw him. She couldn't get him out of her head. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t erase the memory; she was stuck with it for life. Recently she made a promise to herself that she would try hard to forget everything no matter what, as difficult as it may be. She would move on. Apparently, he will be happily married soon, and she would also try to make herself happy some way.
While she waited to depart, all she could think about was Khalid and how she was never going to feel the same way ever again, or so she thought. She wasn't just leaving Arkansas for a month, but she was leaving Khalid forever....very hot tears ran down her cheeks. Everyone in this airport had their own story, their own regrets she thought. She wondered if there was anyone who could relate to her story, if anyone had gone through her kind of heart break.
She sat amidst hundreds of travelers or maybe thousands... She couldn’t really tell coz her mind was in too much of a wander-about. Besides she was too bored to count... Even if she did count, 'it'd be a silly thing to do', she thought, mentally spanking herself.
Just a few months ago she had met Khalid, an Asian-American from a Pakistan immigrant parents and he was an amazing guy. He was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He was, in a way, just like her with the same dreams and hopes. He was handsome, admirably tall and brown in color. He was well built had a pointed nose fit to his oval shaped face with plush sexy lips that was enticing and succulent to kiss. He had the sexiest voice ever. His side burns and his warm eyes that exuded kindness made him a near-perfect man. And for the fact that he had an exquisite taste for fashion and always wore a killing smile on his face.
Ever since she set her eyes on him, she couldn’t get him out of her head. She thought they were meant to be. They spent hours after work together in her house...they had a memorable time together full of love and warmth. His warm touch that melted her heart; his kind and sweet words which stirred the emotions in her. His generous and caring nature that gave her what she called "peace of mind". The only obstacle they encountered at first was that of her religion, but Lauren made up her mind to convert to his religion (Islam). I would sacrifice anything to be with you Khalid, she always told him.                                                
After two months of being with him, Lauren had already told her parents and friends about her intention to convert to Islam and marry Khalid. Her parents didn't bother at all, but she lost her friends as they were against it. They stopped associating with her, mocked her saying she would be a 'terrorist'. But she never bothered because she had Khalid 'the love of her life'. They planned on getting married in a couple of month’s time and had a checklist for keeping track all that was needed to be done. Khalid promised to take her to his parents two weeks before the wedding and she waited for that day in anticipation.
A week before the planned visit to his parents, Khalid paid her an unexpected visit. She was so delighted when she saw him but the look on his face gave her goose bumps. He sat down on the couch and stared directly into her eyes. “Lauren” he called out her name in a very cold manner, “I'm sorry to inform you that I can't marry you. I'm getting married to my Pakistani relative on the same day we planned our wedding. Here is the invitation card” he brought it out from his pocket and dropped it on her table. Moving her hand was like lifting rock with a finger at that moment, she couldn't move it. He left without a word, no explanation whatsoever. Her heart stopped beating for a while. He left her devastated, her heart shattered, she was emotionally wrecked. The hottest tears dropped down from her eyes.                                                         

Billions of questions raced through her mind over the days. Could it be because his parents were not down with the idea? Had he been cheating on her? Did he use her? Had she offended him in any way? Late into the night some days later, while seated on the edge of her bed, she composed her thoughts into a message and sent it to him. But she never got a reply. He never picked her calls again. Khalid destroyed her, he had completely murdered her emotions and she had no one to talk to because she had lost her friends on his account. She thought they were perfect soul mates and they were going to live the perfect life, but it was just wishful thinking. She cried her heart out to sleep every night. Food became like medicine in her mouth. Her life was ruined. As much as she managed to smile, people could see the pains in her eyes and behind her smiles. Lauren tried hard to forget about Khalid, but her efforts were in vain as that was the most difficult thing she could ever do. She declared a war on herself to do that because it was necessary, yet she felt and believed it was impossible. And that was why she took a month off work to visit her parents in the country, that would help...she thought. "Love is wicked and it is indeed a mere illusion that makes one delusional."....she thought!


Our whole lives, we keep praying we meet that special someone who would make the difference. Someone, who would broaden our paths, brighten our eyes, soften our emotions & redefine our existence. Quite a number of people are fortunate to meet that special someone at an early age but for most of us, we have to go through life's trials & tribulations before that special someone comes along.

For Freddy, the story is totally different. His special someone, Ann, came at a time when he had no focus. Utterly confused with no self-control whatsoever. He was young, reckless, unserious, self-centered & stubborn. Little did he know that she was THE ONE. As time went by, things started working out for him. He started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But to her, he was too unserious to commit to anything.

*pause* Let's talk about Freddy...

Well, Freddy (Real name Alfred) is the type of person who deeply fears rejection. So he turns everything into a joke to prevent himself from getting hurt badly. See, if he likes/loves someone, he can't tell the person straight up. Chicken? HELL-freaking-YEAH!!! He mostly keeps to himself. No, he tells his close friends but never that person. Somewhere along the line, he gathers the courage to 'jokingly' tell the person he is falling & asks if the person is interested. If he gets a YES, it's a win-win. If he gets rejected, weeeeell, he was just kidding yeah? THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Then they move on.

That's Freddy... The Chicken! *play*

With the image he portrayed to Ann, he had no chance. To make things worse, Ann said to him; "You are like a Brother to me". (A guy's worst nightmare from the girl he loves)  Heartbroken he was but then again he knew, nothing good came easy. He was determined & decided to try harder. Told her he was really into her. She nailed him in all sorts of ways. He got the 9inch 12inch 15.5inch ... You name it. But he didn't give up. He kept pushing. It became a habit. He knew what he wanted & was certain that with time, it would (or rather she would) come to him.

A couple of cuts stitch & bruises later, Ann finally said yes. "YES, we should give it a try" she said. With great enthusiasm, he told her he wouldn't let her down. She would never regret this decision. He would always be there, through thick & thin, in sickness & in health (I bet you all watch movies so you know the drill =D). He was so excited & glorified at the moment.

Hours later, reality kicked in. He thought to himself; "Now that you've your dream girl, what are you going to do next? You KNOW this is just the beginning yeah? This is not what you see on screen; you ask a girl out, she says yes & you live happily ever after. No, It aint no movie. This is the real deal. The problem isn't being in love but staying in love. Are you ready for that? There are challenges & obstacles, are you willing to make sacrifices to overcome them? Are you physically, mentally & socially fit to go on this never-ending rollercoaster ride? Are you? ARE YOU?" *the questions kept popping*

"YES, YES, YES, YES, YES... YES!!!" He said to himself. "If other people can do it, why can't I? I am ready. I AM READY, to make sacrifices, to face the challenges, to be there when needed, stay up all night if I have to, to smile & make her smile, to forgive & apologize when I am wrong, to be compassionate & understanding, loving & caring, & most importantly, I am ever willing ever ready to be that special someone for my special someone till my clock stops ticking.

By the blogger;

FRAGILE BONDS - @D_OddButterfly

She is quiet, he is quiet too. It seems they have nothing to say to each other. He loves her completely, she loves him much less. A victim of circumstances, she has lost the one she loves. Not wanting to die alone she accepts the 1st guy she meets. With no love in her heart she agrees to his suit.

He tries so hard to make her love him. He knows how she feels, but he is convinced with time she'd learn to love again. He intends to be that man, the man she finally loves again. So he works for her heart. He gives her his all, his everything.

She knows she should try, she should try to love him too, but it seems she can't. She has lost the ability to feel. So she watches him passively as he tries to win her heart. She sees his suffering, but somehow she doesnt really care. Like an out of body experience, she feels like its someone else being made love to.

He has done all he can. But nothing seems to work. She's like a hard case of ice and his warm touch can't pass through to melt her heart. Each cold reaction chips at his confidence. Every impassive glance tears at his soul. He can't take the pain anymore. Though he tries to hide it, the pain is finally beginning to dull the shine in his eyes.

Time they say heals all hurts. And with time the old love has faded. And slowly she relents. She finds herself laughing secretely at his jokes. She's humming the tune to the song he calls 'our song'. Suddenly she realizes, she has fallen for him. But she has become so used to not caring, now that she wants to care, she can't. She can't show him because she's so set in her ways. Taking steps to change seems terrifying.

She can't give him the love he deserves. He's hurting, she knows he's hurting and she hurts with him too.
She doesn't know how to heal the pain, she's helpless. She's scared to try incase she meets with a rebuttal. The truth? She doesn't even know HOW to try. She doesn't know where to start from. She's beginning to crumble under the strain.

He's going numb. He has been through so much... He tries to block the love in his heart. He tries to force his heart to love less. Maybe feeling nothing would be better than this agony of unrequitted love. He has been the one carrying the relationship and the strain is getting to him. He's grown weary of the burden and is willing to finally let it go. But its such a huge step, he's scared to btreak those bonds. Bonds that have defined his existence for so long. Will he survive without her?

The fragile bond that holds them together has been worn so thin and is in severe danger of breaking.
He has stopped trying. She doesn't know how to try. She doesn't know how to deal with this new side of him.
He is waiting for her next move, like a chess game in stalemate, neither moving ahead, neither going back. Miscommunication.

By the blogger;


Some friend's and I decided to try to keep our brain active by challenging  ourselves (personally) to writing. Our first theme is on the very much sought after LOVE! 
There are 6 of us in total, 3 Ladies and 3 Gentlemen


 Have fun ....

Friday, November 16, 2012


 Hey! I have missed you all. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. Not really pressing issues that called away my attention, it’s just lack of inspiration and sometimes so many tales to narrate I forget them all at once. But now, I have something really important to share with you all. A question has been going round, “Can you still be friends with your ex?” honestly; I burst out laughing when I see it. Young people arguing over ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends I do not see that as a matter for much thought; you assumed you had feelings for each other it didn’t work out. Move on. Say hi when you meet and if any of them has gotten married just forget you ever knew them. Some spouses can get really jealous and make a mountain of a mole hill.

As for we, Committee on Divorce Matters, If you have kids between you two, it is absolutely necessary to keep the ties, even if you have to pretend to keep the friendship, which we all know there can no longer be…I mean it is hard. It is just painstakingly hard to be true friends with your ex-husband or wife but for the sake of the wellbeing of the life that came from you both, you just have to try. Recently, my daughter Aisha, travelled to Nigeria to ‘visit’ her father….well, that visit seems to have taken a wrong turn, a turn that has made me change all my life plans, again. No it’s no big deal, I always knew this day had to come; I just wasn’t expecting it so early. So far the people I have told are saying the same thing; most of them are single or married and their kids are staying with them so they wouldn’t understand where I’m coming from no matter how hard I try to explain. Just for the sake of clarity when a reasonable man and a reasonable woman have a kid/kids together and then get divorced, they know at the back of their minds that the other person has a major say in their life….and to be honest it’s the one that’s more influential that usually gets most of the say, unfortunately.

All this ranting is just to try as much as I can to explain just because it didn’t work out between the couples doesn’t mean the kids have to suffer it also. They are entitled to believe, know and feel that the physical and ‘spiritual’ separation of the parents never destroyed the love they once shared bringing about their conception. They are entitled to feel loved and cared for by both parents at the same time and that even though each party has carried on with their life either getting married again and having more kids, they are still every bit a part of their daily activities.

Bringing a child into this world is not just for the cuteness and adorability, we shall be asked how we cared for them when we die and even before we die, how that child becomes in the society is 50% affected by the attention he/she gets from both parents and how they deal with each other either married or divorced. That life from you has a say in your life, be considerate of that helpless creature; when they grow they will appreciate your effort and will show it one way or another.

Finally I just want you all to know that The Major and I, have a very cordial relationship, we still joke and laugh, tell each other our opinions on some certain things and we agree equally on everything that has to do with Aisha. I couldn’t have asked for a better father for my daughter. May Allah strengthen the bond between them, amen. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


No living soul ever wants to be alone. Everybody wants to have somebody they can belong to, someone they can call their own and someone to call them theirs'. People go to different lengths for love and affection, and in a way they cannot be blamed. It has become scarce so the laws of Demand and Supply can, will and is very well applied to it.

This is a telephone conversation between Sara and Hafiz, two young hearts that found their way to each other .....

Sara: Assalam aleikum, My All *smiling broadly

Hafiz: Ameen w aleikum assalam, My Queen. Long live the Queen of my heart. How are you this lovely evening?

Sara: *seriously blushing and heart rate increasing* I am very fine, Hayati, I feel even better now that I am hearing your voice. I missed you so much. How are you and how was your day at work? I hope you had lunch?

Hafiz: Yes, I have had lunch I sent you a message, remember? *chuckling*

Sara: * face palm* oh yes, yes you did. Silly forgetful me.... so ....

Hafiz: So adorable when you call yourself silly with your melodious voice *kissing sound* All in all my day was okay, the NEWS was broadcast at it's best since the bosses didn't hassle me. Oh and this came in last minute, I will be on duty for the next three nights.

Sara: Oh dear! *frowning* That means our Friday night dinner is cancelled?! *sad sigh* *murmuring to self* they couldn't pick any other weekend! Wickedness!

Hafiz: I can still hear you my little grumbling diamond...please don't be annoyed

Sara: *manages a smile* I am not annoyed with you it's just been a long time we spent more than an hour in each other's presence and I miss you so bad *sniffs* But okay, may Allah make it easy and successful for you. Finish safely and return safely, ameen. After all if you weren't the best they wouldn't regularly request for you. *smiling honestly

Hafiz: That's my Queen. Now tell me how were your little rascals today?

Sara: *laughing* as usual; rascals and sweet! They learn very fast, Sweetheart and they motivate me with their eagerness. I really love my new job I have the chance to read books and be with little children. It's really amazing! Thank you for all the encouragement and unwavering faith! I really don't know where I would have been right now if we had not met ...well actually if you had not been so annoyingly persistent in visiting me at home.

Hafiz: *hearty laughter* my friends started believing you had jazzed me spiritually! The truth be told you actually had and I know you didn't even know about my existence for you to have gone to any boka. You are a born charmer. You fact I am the one to be thanking you, Queen Sara. I am impatiently waiting for you to get over your fear of being attached to someone permanently In Sha Allah. You have no idea how much you mean to me. This statement is such a cliche but really, I do love you.

Sara: *smiling from ear to ear* You always know how to get me tongue-tied and breathless. I don't have the right words to tell you but I know I have the right feelings for you and it keeps growing beautifully second after second. I don't know either if it's love I feel but I know I love the way it makes me tingle when I think of you or hear your voice. It's the most calming effect ever. I never want it to end!


Hi *giving a short wave*, my name is Fatima Umar, and I'm a social network addict. Yeh, you probably know me on Twitter as @Fatumoriginal and on Facebook as Falmata Onherown (what a weird name). On other networks, my name is basically Fatum.

This is not an abnormal case now, in fact, it's those who have no much interest in social networks that we tend to look at as abnormal and missing out on the fun. I actually think they are lucky. I pray so hard for the day when I can look at any social network and just sleep off or wake up without thinking of any one of them. I tried, trust me, deactivated my accounts on numerous occasions and reactivated them again or opened a new one. I mean, it is just so easy and so un-leave-able and so much more fun than being with real human beings, me included. Just interfering in others conversations or seeing new words, new stories, events, and happenings. I even get to find out the latest news, and I am not a news person so it's a pretty big deal for me when I can be the 'informant' uh huh!

This is a really very hard addiction to shake off, I know, I've been addicted before and I was blessedly able to quit! Right now, I'm working on a new method; no social networking during the day ....when I say no social networking I mean not visibly appearing on my home page but I of course watch what other's are posting and restricting myself from posting anything. It sounds easy, but trust me, it's not. I know, I know why am I logging into my accounts when it makes no difference, right? Wrong! It does make a difference, it's like going to the bakers shop with money and seeing what you want, what you really, honestly and sincerely do want to eat, what you have been craving but still manage to look at it smile and walk out with your itching palm clasped tightly over the money! So do you have the clear picture now?

I still have my dream of quitting or being less addicted to it, try to make it like a pain reliever I NEED to take because of pain and not HAVE to take because it makes me feel good. So, I wish me all the best, and you too. *wink and wave*

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mona was three years younger than me. Like me she was born with Sickle Cell Anemia. She was really an ordinary child, never spoke much, never got into trouble, she was just an “on her own” kind of person, and she loved to read. Mona loved the few friends she had with all her might. I easily passed for her best friend. We shared our secrets and thoughts.

She looked far healthier than me, so many people never ever imagined that she would die before me. I fell ill more often than Mona, had to be admitted more often too. But the thing is, once she fell ill, she fell really ill; she would be totally down, she would lose weight, lose her appetite, and just not be fun at all. I was more fun when I fell ill, I am *wink*. Maama hated the Mona-session of illness. I was usually the calmest and she would tell Maama not to worry, Fatima will stay with her.
Mona got transfused before I did by a month. I don’t know what that story is, but I remember it was our daddy that donated blood for her. She was his baby. I remember him picking her up and saying ‘I would give you my heart to never seeyou this way again.” Our dad was hardly ever around so for him, that was probably the worst day of his life.

My older sister had given birth in June 2001, two months before Mona died (August 2001) and I had gained admission to Bayero University, Kano to study medicine (not my choice).This made us both in Kano, but our parents lived in Lagos, Mona had just concluded her first year of senior high in Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo, Lagos. They therefore came to visit us in Kano.
The weather is terrible in the northern part of Nigeria. And Kano is no exception. They came during the rainy season so it wasn’t so bad, but I think the stressof the journey and a change of environment may have been the triggering factors. I don’t know and it really doesn’t make any difference now.
I had spent a couple of days with them and I was helping to relieve her of the pain and probably by the third or fourth day she was feeling better so I decided to go back to the hostel and Maama said she would leave on Monday.

It was a Saturday night, the last time I saw Mona. We were having our usual conference-for-two, laughing and just reliving the days when I was still with her in secondary school. She was saying “don’t worry, I will come and join you here” I started laughing and told her “every girl for herself.” It was a rainy night and as usual there was no power supply. She was complaining to me about her backsliding in her prayers since she arrived Kano and how very sad she was about it. She wanted to go back to Lagos. I don’t blame her; I wanted to run to the hostel myself, LOL! I didn’t need to go back to the hostel, but I still don’t get why I insisted I wanted to leave!

She kept on begging me to stay but I absolutely refused. She followed me round the house, wherever I went, she was right there, LOL! Finally I had to stop her but she said something to me, which I think, even if I forget all the words I have ever heard, I will never forget those words. She said “Fatima, please stay. You don’t know if this is the last time I will ever see you.” I gently shoved her aside and told her not to say such words. But I walked over to the window unseeing, asking myself why she was talking like an old woman about to die. It worried me. I would have stayed if my friend hadn’t called to confirm if I was coming or not. And I would have stayed if IK hadn’t come backwith the car and asked “Fatima, are you ready?” no I am not blaming either of them. It was meant to be. I hugged them all and promised to call them.
On Thursday 16th, August, I really wanted to speak with Mona, know how she was. I was missing her. I went round the whole of Old site looking for a working payphone, but nothing! So I came back feeling sad and just not proper.

Friday 17th August, I woke up feeling good and normal but determined to speak with Maama. After classes and Juma’a prayers, my friends and I went for some ‘memory time’. By the time we had finished, I was in quite a depressed state. I really need to talk with this people, since they left on Monday; I haven’t bothered to check on them. That was all I was thinking of. I went to Kofar Kabuga and even beyond there. No luck. What is the meaning of this? I was wondering to myself. I walked back to the hostel after an hour of fruitless search for pay phones.

When I got to my room, a friend/roommate was there so I told her what had happened and she was just saying “eyya, eyya. Toh, haka Allah Ya so” That’s Hausa for “it’s the will of God”. I didn’t even notice that she was being evasive, avoiding my eyes and any long discussion. Then she said casually, “One of your sisters-in-law was here, what’s her name again….Nana or Mama I really don’t remember. She said you should go home because you have an important message.” I was a bit startled, “important message?” Please even if I was sent millions of USD nobody would come to tell me. That was what I was thinking. And then I became worried.
So I asked my close friend, Hadiza to follow me home because it was already dark. We left immediately. On the way I just looked at her and said, “I think my father’s ship drowned and he died. Or maybe the plane crashed and he never made it to Japan. I think my father is dead.” I knew something was up, just couldn’tthink of anybody else dying or dead. And I couldn’t think of a more important message than death!

On getting home, my sister was in the kitchen, the babysitter was carrying the baby in the living room. I also noticed her husband was in town. I was super excited I forgot for a while what was bothering me. We greeted the nanny and my friend sat with her playing with Anisah, the baby. I ran to the kitchen and asked “Amina how far? How is daddy?” she replied “daddy is fine.” I heaved a sigh of relief then asked “what of mommy?” she said “mommy is fine too.” Then I turned to leave. As I climbed the 2 stair cases from the kitchen, I whirled round and asked “enhen, what of Mona? How is she?” she just smiled and said“Mona? Mona is fine!” I knew something was wrong, so I asked again if anything was wrong she said nothing and I should go perform my prayers.

So I went to the guest toilet and as I was coming out, I heard the nanny saying“kanwarta ta rasu”. You see there was a problem there, I wasn’t sure at thattime if it meant ‘her sister’ or ‘her friend’ has passed away. My Hausa was just beyond poor!

I sat on the closest chair and asked my friend what she meant, but Hadiza just pretended to be playing with Anisah. Then Amina came out of the kitchen and asked if I had prayed, I replied not yet. She asked me to quickly get to it because food was almost ready. When we went into the room, she held my hands and told me to sit on the bed beside her. She said “Fatima, Mona is gone!”

Saturday, August 4, 2012


August is probably the only month I don’t seem to enjoy psychologically; so many losses, irreparable damages, and haunting memories. I thank The Almighty that I am still alive despite it all.
Off the top of my head, I’ll let you in on some major incidents that have happened to me in August: I got divorced in August; My younger sister died in August; I got 150% addicted to Pentazocine and Promethazine in August. And some other unfortunate incidences.

About my August divorce, well I’m yet to get the right motivation to write about it, so won’t go into its detail here, not just yet. I already have a story on My Sister’s death, which I’ll be posting pretty soon (keep your fingers crossed). This leaves me with my Drug addiction to elaborate on….*sighs*

Well, in all honesty, I was addicted to the drugs since when I was pregnant. But I really can’t say, because I was only given when in pain which was daily or every two days depending on how far I had ‘stressed’ myself. So it actually started with its use during my Painful Crisis, then it progressed.

The urge and need for it became deadly right after I got divorced. I couldn’t sleep without it. I couldn’t think of anything happy without it. It just set me in the right mood to relax and have ‘high’ hopes.

I went to very extreme measures to get that drug. I couldn’t very well fake I had sickle crises every time, so I resorted to illegally borrowing prescription papers from doctors’ table when they were not on seat. I would take them and just scribble….OMG I actually don’t remember how it is written any more(Alhamdulillah)… anyways, I would scribble on the paper exactly the way the doctors did and I would sign …. fake signature, of course.

Sometimes, when the prescription paper started looking suspiciously worn out and I didn’t have the means to get a new sheet, I would go to ‘chemists’ I won’t call them pharmacists, because the pharmacists NEVER sold without the paper and they sometimes even marked the paper so I don’t use it again!

The closest chemist knew me already so most of the time I took on credit and when I had money, I would pay back. He was really patient; he never embarrassed me or hassled with me. He said I always paid the time I said I would! I never even took note!

I remember this one time, I was very broke, but my body needed the Pentazocine pretty bad. I went to our next door neighbor seriously crying that Aisha’s milk had finished and I needed #1,500 for a tin. I feel so ashamed right now!

It didn’t matter to me, who I bought it from just so you don’t think I was being a choosy addict. I just did that so the people around wouldn’t get suspicious. I was very careful…..Although thinking back now, I think my female cousin was suspecting me and Maama too! They just had no proof. I was working really hard to make sure they didn’t get one, too!

But you know, I didn’t really have to try that hard… my main complaint was headache, and true, without the drugs I would just have head splitting headaches, neck aches and any other affordable ache.

I did mention I had given birth that time, right? Well I had my beautiful Aisha. I was a great mom every day until I injected myself. I would get so irritable when she cried at night to be fed. Sometimes I just put her pacifier in her mouth to keep her shut for a while I wanted to‘sleep’ I think the word should be ‘float’.

When I took those combinations, I felt a wave of relief and a smile would spread across my face. But deep down me felt so bad because I was injecting myself right in front of my daughter! What sort of example was I planning on setting? I cried deep down!

Maama would say, “I advise you to take care of yourself half as much as you are taking care of your baby because if anything should happen to you, I’m really sorry to say but nobody, not even me will be able to care for her the way you will."

The unfavorable effects of the drugs on me other than the ‘welcomed’ highness were;

1.     Sweat: I would sweat profusely and being in Lagos that was not a very comfortable feeling. I felt sticky when it dried up.

2.     Itchy: My body would be randomly itchy especially my nose. It was such a sight, seeing me roughly rub my nose or scratching it!

3.     Dizziness: this comes with a host of effects; hallucinations, ‘increase’ in sound whereby my voice and others voices seemed 10 times louder, and I felt as if a vacuum was sucking the air out of my ears.

4.     I become a very annoying talkative! I talk and talk and talk to anyone around willing to listen. Normally, at home I’m a quiet person and like to be left alone.

5.     This is a good side effect, I get very hungry. Those days, I hardly ate. Normal thing by the way, but with those drugs, wow! I asked for everything available to eat.

6.    I didn’t get sleep at all even though it seemed I did. After the drugs had worn out, I would sleep so peacefully

7.    I became hyperactive, I would want to wash and clean, but when there was electricity available, I would just iron Aisha’s clothes.
I carried on like that for a year. When I was coming to Egypt, I bought an entire carton with 12packs and in each pack were 10 ampoule's!
I am extremely grateful to Allah that I have been free since October 2010. I pray other addicts get the courage and motivation to stop.
Alhamdulillah for Aisha.