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Monday, November 5, 2012


Hi *giving a short wave*, my name is Fatima Umar, and I'm a social network addict. Yeh, you probably know me on Twitter as @Fatumoriginal and on Facebook as Falmata Onherown (what a weird name). On other networks, my name is basically Fatum.

This is not an abnormal case now, in fact, it's those who have no much interest in social networks that we tend to look at as abnormal and missing out on the fun. I actually think they are lucky. I pray so hard for the day when I can look at any social network and just sleep off or wake up without thinking of any one of them. I tried, trust me, deactivated my accounts on numerous occasions and reactivated them again or opened a new one. I mean, it is just so easy and so un-leave-able and so much more fun than being with real human beings, me included. Just interfering in others conversations or seeing new words, new stories, events, and happenings. I even get to find out the latest news, and I am not a news person so it's a pretty big deal for me when I can be the 'informant' uh huh!

This is a really very hard addiction to shake off, I know, I've been addicted before and I was blessedly able to quit! Right now, I'm working on a new method; no social networking during the day ....when I say no social networking I mean not visibly appearing on my home page but I of course watch what other's are posting and restricting myself from posting anything. It sounds easy, but trust me, it's not. I know, I know why am I logging into my accounts when it makes no difference, right? Wrong! It does make a difference, it's like going to the bakers shop with money and seeing what you want, what you really, honestly and sincerely do want to eat, what you have been craving but still manage to look at it smile and walk out with your itching palm clasped tightly over the money! So do you have the clear picture now?

I still have my dream of quitting or being less addicted to it, try to make it like a pain reliever I NEED to take because of pain and not HAVE to take because it makes me feel good. So, I wish me all the best, and you too. *wink and wave*

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