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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's already 4 years since my little girl, A'isha came into this world and filled my life with so much hope and love. How time flies! I remember every single detail of the pregnancy, before delivery and after (I think). It remains one of my best treasures and A'isha remains my very best treasure. It's sad I can't be with her physically on this special day but I'm glad she has her father, brother and Mommy. May they all make it a day to be remembered by her In Shaa Allah.
Every year she gets older, she gets prettier and more intelligent Masha Allah! To say I love her is just an understatement... I adore her. She is my miracle in every way anyone can imagine and who doesn't cherish their miracle?! I can't think of anyone except a fool! 
On this day I want her to know once again she is always on my mind and in my prayers. She is always the smile between my tears. She is always the first ray of light that's my breaking dawn. She is the warm feeling when I'm cold. She is my hope when I have almost lost it. She is my gift. She is my heaven on earth. She is my beloved. She is my daughter; A'isha Abdallah. I love her with every breath I take; each time it refreshes like she's the oxygen my cells need to be sustained.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little one. May ALLAH be your everything all the time every time, ameen ameen.