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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yes, it's that time of the day for you to dress up to take your baby/toddler out for a walk or an occasion or to have fun at the park with other kids. You already have everything planned out, what your kid'll wear, what you'll wear, what you're going to pack in your bag and every other tiny important detail that is supposed to make life easy for you outside your home while with your kid. Now you're ready to leave, looking so elegant and your toddler looking so chic. Your toddler, out of excitement manages to slip his/her hand out of your's, you run to catch him/her then....SNAP! the heel of your shoes decides to break!

That's right, heels and toddler DO NOT go together. Forget what you see in Hollywood, even they are not that desperate to break their customized shoes or multi-million dollar legs!
But anyways, *sunny smile* I am here to give a few mommy-toddler-fun-time tips.... I hope I get to cover every single important details...

This is the number one vital detail for both mother and child. It is really very important for both to be comfortably dressed. And I know dressing for occasions can be really stressful, wanting to look your best, to make your kid stand out and all that, but no stress, you can be classy/elegant, comfortable and ready for any toddler emergency.

Children are very active, they love to climb, run, roll, jump, skip and just be FREE. In order to enjoy that freedom your child should be dressed in clothes that breathe and are exactly their size; it shouldn't be over sized, it shouldn't be too body hugging and it should be in accordance to the weather.
I know African/Arab mothers buy clothes that my friend calls "my child grow in it". I have argued with my own mother over this case so many times, (sometimes she wins, sometimes I win). In the case of her winning, I fold the sleeves and tack them neatly, when it's long sleeved. For trousers, I fold them neatly inwards and tack also. If it's much trouble, then a tailor can do it just as well.
When dressing a girl in an above the knee gown, put on a comfortable short knicker over her under pant so when she is climbing or if she falls, she won't be exposed. If a long gown then make sure it is not going way past her shin and a good comfortable short will be appreciated too. When putting on a sleeveless top or gown, make sure it doesn't keep dropping from her shoulders and make sure it isn't so low showing much of her chest; too many molesters so lets play our part and protect our girls.
As for the boys, please and please do NOT put on a suit for them, they are going to play not get married or going to court. Make sure his trousers or short are very well balanced on his waist and held by a belt his size if necessary. In case indeed it's a wedding event, a waist coat is very much okay. Same rule applies to T-shirts and tops, make sure they do not keep dropping from their shoulders.
And now, the mother; she should dress exactly like her child, yes that's right in clothes that breathe, aren't extra tight, extra flowing or extra anything, I mean we don't want our veils hooking on door handles or bus/taxi doors strangling us. And we don't want our trousers so tight we cant run or our skirts so short we can't bend over or our sleeves/skirts/gowns so dangly/dragging it catches or our tops so tight and short we keep pulling and adjusting.

This is exactly the same thing with the dressing. It should be the kids size, comfortable, heel-free and zip-free (I really hate those gladiators with zippers at the back for kids). It should also be worn according to the season. There are some foot-wears that can be worn in both season, but most times it is preferable to wear them opened sandals during the hot/summer season so their feet can grow well and breathe also. Over sized shoes with stuffing's are just a big NO. They won't be able to run without tripping, and already they naturally trip over themselves especially those below 6 years old. And to tell the truth, buying over size shoes is really a waste of money; it gets disfigured and torn due to dragging of the child's feet in them and tripping incessantly. High shoes for girls are also a big NO. I can tell you all the medical side-effects but I won't. I'll ask a question instead, as a lady, how easy is it for you to run in heels? You don't know? Lets look at our female athletes what they wear while running....that's right, flat-comfortable-well-fitting-sneakers. That means it is impossible to be at their best with high heels. Wear your kids sensible foot wears so they can play, get tired and sleep easily at night ;-).
As a mommy going out with your toddler you should always be ready to dash after them, they have a very strong relationship with the word "running off".Oh dear Lord, I can't begin to tell the number of times I have had to do an impromptu sprint after my Aisha. So always have on sensible, comfortable foot wears, leave the high heels for when you're going out alone.

This will be in categories: a- Jewelries and Extra clothing. b- Feeding utensils and Toys c- Tote bag

Everybody loves to accessories and you best be sure your toddler doesn't want to be left out. The boys would love to have very cute and attractive belts and wrist watches. Wearing a boy chains and rings is just not so cool. They do not need much leave it at the wrist watch and belt (if necessary). The girls most of the time will not leave your jewelries without putting up a fight. Get them simple plastics, yes they can get broken and once they do THROW them away. We don't want any minor injuries. Let them feel like the grownups they so much want to become. Although we should keep it at a minimum, not tight, not loose, not heavy, not long, not  much and we should also know our children's skin type; my daughter has allergy to all metals and plastic except gold....I know, talk about choosy! Like mother, like daughter!

Yes my fellow mommizens and daddizens too, those are also accessories in their own way. Toddlers can be very influencing making you take their favorite doll or gun with them on a visit or on any outing they so wish to bring their tag-along-buddy on! But don't worry, you can always make it classy too, and besides, it looks so adorable.

We should however know and let them know that there are limits, like it shouldn't be heavy, or extra big it can't fit into their backpack if they have one or the tote bag being carried.
Always have a sip-cup with water for them and if there is none, then a small bottle of water just for them will do and maybe a little cup just in case they have to drink something else. If you have the time to pack snacks or food they refused to eat at home in case you can't spend much outdoors, then by all means do! Toddlers and kids in general seem to have a revved up appetite outside their homes don't miss that chance *wink* have also simple cutlery; a small spoon or fork or a spork.

Of course we can't go anywhere without a bag to pack all the extra stuff. Other than the above named things, there are a few other items we should try to never leave the house without when outing with our kids;
1- Wipes (baby and/or antiseptic).
2- Tissues.
3- Hand sanitizers.
4- Extra diapers.
5- Extra clothes.
6- Extra underwears.
7- And for my fellow sub-Saharan Africans' a wrapper never goes to waste.
And just as an afterthought, if there's an "extra you" please take her/him along!

That's it! I think I have covered everything necessary! Have fun !!!