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Sunday, March 31, 2013


On the 25th November, 2012, I read on my Twitter TL there was an explosion in a "military cantonment" I put that in quote because I took it to mean an ordinary cantonment (although no cantonment is ever ordinary) so honestly speaking it didn't really bother me until an hour later.
Someone else came on and asked "What's this I hear about Jaji?" My entire senses zeroed in on the question; the explosion....military daughter.... Oh my dear Lord, this is the most selfish prayer I'm sending but please let them be okay!
My daughter and her brother are with their dad at The Armed Forces Command And Staff College, Jaji. That place is not just a "military cantonment" It is the gidigongon of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is supposed to be the second most safest place after Aso Rock Villa..... Anyways that is another issue.
I was stricken with fear and I tried dialing the dad's number but the microphone on my computer system had a fault so even if I did get him, he wouldn't have heard me. I still decided it was worth the shot. I thought to myself he would call me back. As it was about connecting, the lady-boss came out and was laughing at the way I wrapped my shawl around my shoulders (said it reminded her of her granny) when she saw my face she fell silent but before she could ask what was wrong I had already started shedding tears 
"There was an explosion in the region my little girl stays" I said, trying not to choke. She quickly brought her mobile and asked for the dad's number was ringing "Oh Allah thank you" I thought.
 "Salam aleikum" Him: "W aleikum assalam" Me: "Good afternoon, I just read about the explosion in Jaji, how is everyone? Are you alright?" Him: yes everyone is fine. I just called them now and they are all fine. Me: "okay Alhamdulillah. Aisha is okay?" Him: "yes everybody is fine" Me: "heaving a sigh of relief" Him: "I called them they are all fine. I'm at ......" I have no idea where he said he was, I had the information I wanted.
I'm writing this now because I was chanced to visit Jaji a few weeks ago, turns out they live not so far from the church. Scary situation. May Allah protect the innocent people of Nigeria, ameen.

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