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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


   Frankly speaking, I have no bloody idea what happened! I was out cold and it took me 5 days to know the full story.

If not for the mercy of Allah, I would be dead. I came to know this much later even though it wasn't a direct comment. Personally, I felt something pushing at the softer part of my palette and I just wanted to spit it out. Urgh! Very uncomfortable, you know that feeling when you've got a terrible cold with mucus stuck up in your nose and then you try to relieve yourself by sucking it through your mouth to spit it? Yeah? Well that’s exactly how it felt. I later found out it was a tube being pushed down my throat… so anyways, I vaguely remember the midwife that was in-charge (shame on me, I don’t remember her name) calling on me to bring me to "Fatima, how are you?" I replied, very dazed, "I'm fine aunty. How are you too?" LMAO! OMG! Then I went on to ask "how is my baby?" She replied "she is fine." "And my husband?" she replied "he is fine too?" Okay, I need to let you dear readers know that I wasn’t asking 'how' he was but 'where' he was! It doesn’t sound plausible, right? Yeah even to me too! But it's true. Mehn did they have fun making jest of me with that!

By and by, I was taken out of the OR and carried away in a 'toktok' aka tricycle, aka keke NAPEP! Yesso, the prestigious 68 NARH, Yaba, with its great surgeons and very fantastic team of pediatricians lack a good moving ambulance. Even sadder is the fact that there is no provision for an OR in the O and G department. You guys know how our country people build things to save money naow????

Anyways …oh dear, my baby girl is calling. I'll have to stop here today. See you tomorrow. ISA.


  1. Its not good to hang people ooo,lol..anyways,I'm waiting.

    1. LOL I'm sure you've seen the rest by now.. :)