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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Post, Her First Date!

Oh wow, I am overwhelmed that I was able to open this blog on my own; mostly because the instructions were written in Arabic, and my Arabic isn't that awesome! At the time a very important message came into my mobile but I didn't notice it till much later. It turned out to be my daughters admirer from twitter! He was surprised to find out I have a daughter, and I was surprised to find out he was in Egypt! So, when we came to Alexandria for the holidays, he promised to come visit. Kept to his word! I love such people.
He brought with him, for her, the tiniest, cutest, Teddy Bear in a very sweet little red romantic! I couldn't believe that she could be quiet, she always gets so hyper when we have guests! It was a lovely visit and when it was time for him to leave, my girl became so sad! After seeing him off, she actually pouted and tears welled up in her eyes!!!
Now I have written my first post with my daughter, not letting go of her new Teddy, I hope you enjoy it.

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