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Saturday, August 23, 2014


It’s your wedding day.

The first day of a new life with your partner, your love, your friend, your confidant, your problem solver, your joy sharer, the one you have envisioned as the mother/father of your future kids. To be precise, your all in all.

It’s your wedding day.

A beautiful day made so by the beauty and bravery of two entirely separate families being brought together by two beautiful people, Tola and Tosin. Two people who decided, together, to take one of the biggest leaps they’ll ever take. Two people who have seen, together, their future in all its triumphs and failures and decided, still, to take that great leap. Two people coming together of their own free will to start a new generation with much joy, laughter and blessing.

It’s your wedding day.

A day filled with sweet words and promises, a day you will always have to look back on when things get hard, for remember, it is easier said than done. But with the memory of the sparkle in her eyes and the broadest, sincere smile on his face, you will be able to get through it, together. A day which marks the beginning of when humans and even God  tests your love, patience, endurance, sincerity, maturity, honesty and everything good you have always said you’ll both be to each other.

It’s your wedding day.

Just a day! No, not just a day. Just a formal celebration of your marriage. Yes, that’s the important message of the day to you both; while the wedding is for us all, the marriage is for just you two, together, forever. And forever is not a very long time when times are good and smooth. Forever is the longest of times when the going is rough and tough. But then, where’s the beauty in love when it’s not tested to be tried and trusted?! So after today, never forget today no matter how bad things may get. Always remind yourselves of your bravery and tough love for each other.

It’s your wedding day.

I am a firm believer in love and of love. It is especially true when you've both known your differences and decided to make it work, together, by accepting, respecting and appreciating each others’ views. When your similarities are what brought you to this day, your wedding day!

It's your wedding day.

So many things to say but yet no perfect words to construct because you've already made today beautiful by making it your day, your wedding day! Therefore with all happiness and love I say; have a blissful life together even when it looks bleak, the bliss will be in holding each other’s hands tightly and comfortingly saying silently “I remember my wedding day, our wedding day so I won’t let him/her go. This is what we got together for.”

23rd August, 2014. It’s your wedding day; Omotola Balogun and Oluwatosin Abegunde. May we live to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary as I dedicate my 50th post to your wedding day! *wink


  1. You dis geh ehen when would you start posting regularly ehen. Nice post....