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Thursday, July 17, 2014


When you ask my little girl her name, she says “my name is Abdallah T. Aisha” very military like, so adorable too! She’s going to nursery two when the new session starts and she turned five years today. I’m absolutely beaming from ear to ear! May Allah preserve and guide her throughout her life, ameen.
It seems only a couple of weeks ago when I first held her in my arms at 5 days old and I've been hooked and dragged along day by day by her natural charm. I never get tired of telling the stories, never! But, there are new stories to tell now and sadly I'm missing being a part of those stories, even though Mommy and the Major try to fill me in now and then, experiencing it firsthand would have been so much better and memorable. Still, I’ll have to make do with the stories.
Today is not a day to moan or complain it's a day to celebrate and thank Allah for my baby girl that told me point blank she's no longer a baby! Today we mark five years of Aisha Abdallah *releasing balloons and confetti, cheering!!! Kids really grow up fast when you’re not watching! Lol it’s a bit alarming I must say for I clearly remember me telling her not to grow up again after she turned one. She didn't even pretend to listen! I’m mega glad she didn't. Hearing her talk and laugh, watching her eat and smile, seeing how much of her person she is becoming makes me so elated. She has no time for nonsense, bosses her older brother about and their dad even said she sometimes makes him cry (really LMAO) the girl has a lot of her father in her! But at the same time, he says Aisha always loves being with her brother and his absence makes her worry and begin to look for him. Whatever she gets, she makes sure her brother equally gets and if there’s only one she shares hers with him. Now, that’s me in her! I have to be sincere, I love that combination; tough yet caring. She is molding her person very beautifully, Masha Allah, Alhamdulillah.
Mommy told me a story of a time when the Major came home with chocolates for the kids and she asked her for a piece from hers but because she didn't want to share, Aisha turned to her dad and said “Daddy, why didn't you buy for Mommy as well? You should go get her one because mine is almost finished!” I know, very smart little girl; got out of sharing by shifting the responsibility to her dad. Have I mentioned I love her since I started this story? Well I do. I love Miss Aisha Abdallah Tahir not to the moon and back, but for all eternity. She is a rare germ, infecting our lives with her vibrant nature and love.
Today, the 17th July, 2014 falls the same day as the 20th Ramadan, 1435 AH again like last year, her birthday also fell in Ramadan. And again, this year like last year (but not for the same reasons), I won’t be able to celebrate her birthday with her. I had so much planned to do with her in less than 24 hours! We were going to watch FROZEN while I made her hair, we were going to take pictures, hug, kiss, and probably have a little mother-daughter-misunderstanding then hug again. I was going to put on her new dress, socks and shoes, then take more pictures. Sing the happy birthday song, blow the candles out then cut the cake, and dance with her in my arms. I was going to make up for the long months of not having seeing her. I guess I will just wait till when they return to celebrate a belated birthday! It’s never too late or too early to celebrate the child (or person) you love and boy do I love little Miss Abdallah!!!
I’m not particularly sad because I know her dad will still celebrate her… he knows the birthday drill!!! *wink. Alhamdulillah for another wonderful year of our little girl, Aisha!!!


Happy 5th Birthday our Aishalicious Aisha!!!

I will use this opportunity to wish our Big Mummy; Dr. Olatunji, Zulaha Hadejia (@Xulahoo), Anisa Adam (@Mss_Treysongs), Mahmud Umar (@mdmoreks) and Sadeeq Henry (@igweeeeeee) a very, very happy birthday. May Allah make your coming days beautiful and filled with great faith, health, hope, love, happiness, smiles, more faith and everything Halal. Ameen ameen.

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  1. Happy Birthday Aisha, You are blessed. You would live long to fulfill your great destiny. Your Mother would celebrate with you next year and we would throw a biiiiggggg Party...*Kisses* (your mum would give you on my behalf) Madam Fatima, are you trying to give me a heart attack? Where have you been? Send me a message on facebook or whatsapp o, i don't have your number again. My phone and laptop was stolen. Hope you are cool?