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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Oh my!!! This is a really great honour (for the second time) that my blog is nominated for a bloggers' award. The first time I was so over whelmed I ended up not doing the proper thing; to accept, thank, reblog and have my own nominees too. Phew!!! I have to be laziest blogger ever! I can't let Petite Diva down so I will do the proper thing this time. Here goes ...
Thank you so much, Petite Diva for this honour, I really do appreciate it. You inspire me to want to write more each time I read your blog. Y'all should checkout for everything normal and natural (she can be a drama queen sometimes) but her writings are straight from the heart and I promise y'all will learn something *whispering* especially because she is a really cool pharmacist ;). So, check it out,
Okay, as with everything, the Liebster Awards has a set of rules which I have copied in summary and also placed the link so y'all can check it out.

Leibster Award Rules Of Being Nominated
1- Thank the blogger who nominated you and place a link to their blog on your blog.
2- Answer the questions provided by the blogger, give random facts about yourself.
3- Nominate 5-11 other bloggers you feel deserve the award who have less than 200 followers and inform them you have nominated them (you can also nominate the blogger who nominated you).
4- Create a new set of questions for your nominees to answer!

NB: Leibster Award was created to recognise and discover and welcome new bloggers into the blogosphere!!! Leibster is a German word for; Kind, Dearest, Valued and other Lovely meanings to it.

Time to answer the Questions by Petite Diva:
1- Why did you decide to start a blog?: A very special person thought I had good writing skills and suggested I start.
2- What do you love about blogging?: The freedom to write what one feels, sees and/or experiences without restriction!
3- If you could travel anywhere in world, where would it be and why?: Egypt. It is home and there is always something and/or some place new to discover!
4- Who was your celebrity crush when growing up and now?: Prince William (when growing up) Johnny Depp (now)
5- What do you love best about your body?: Everything!
6- Fanta, Coke or Sprite?: *sigh Sprite will have to do
7- List one interesting fact about yourself.: I have a 4 year old daughter!
8- Thor, Superman, Spider man or Captain America, which one is your favourite?: Really Petite diva, really??? *smh* Spider man!
9- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What are your dreams?: I hate this question. Sorry! *embarrassed face*
10- What is your favourite colour?: Blue

 Random Facts about Fatum
~ I was born with a blood disorder; Sickle Cell Anaemia.
~ 26 years between my daughter and I.
~ I can be super quiet for no apparent reason.
~ I have never owned a Blackberry.
~ I think I have slackened tear valves *wondering*
~ I studied Zoology.
~ My father's a Nigerian, my mother's an Egyptian which naturally makes me a Nigyptian!
~ I love to travel! Really, really love to travel.
~ Water's my most preferred drink.
~ I love Tea!
~ I made it to 11, it's a miracle!

Fatum's Nominee's

Fatum's Questions
1- Favourite fruit.
2- Who is the "father of evolution"?
3- Which of my blog post is your favourite?
4- Do you believe Nigerians' greatest strength is also their greatest weakness (ethnicity)?
5- Coconut, groundnut, cashew nut or wall nut?
6- Army or Navy?
7- Do you support any health cause/organisation? Which one?
8- Present obsession
9- Short nails are healthier than long nails. True or False?
10- Preferred sport
11- I suck at asking questions, don't I?


  1. Fatum Fatum fatum my lovely fatum!

  2. Lol, how random could questions get.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you dear! Yours is beautiful too. I love blogs with short stories and simple English. I have a short attention span and I hate dictionaries (didn't study Lit. in English like Petite Diva *rme) Thank you again!