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Monday, September 7, 2015


On Friday 4th September was my 32nd birthday *does Sujood esh-shukr* and you all made it a very happy day for me. Of course I was really, still am, thankful for another year yet, I was so miserable and downcast. So many reasons which included me badly missing my little girl,  my Maama and all their love and physical presence in my life. Really, life without the presence of the people you love the most on earth is very tough and almost unbearable. Almost, for we we bear it keeping in mind, hoping and praying that one day soon, we will be reunited with them again, on earth before death.

Still, so many of you took the time, effort and cost to call (and sing the happy birthday song in your horribly welcomed voices), text, whatsapp, mention, DM, and Facebook me just to let me know that I mean something to you. And I am honestly thankful and grateful to all of you who did. Without those gestures, I tell you, I would have cried all day long and night. But it was REALLY hard not being happy. Like seriously horribly very hard. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I can't ever thank you enough for your real and virtual presence in my life. Thank you forever more *blows musk scented kisses*

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