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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Eid Sa'eid my little one and a very happy birthday to you. And although I don't wait for a specific day to make Dua for you, I pray you are blessed so much with the right kind of people all the time every time who are there to lift you up when you're down, remind you of Allah's Magnanimity and Mercy, ameen. Today's the first of Shawwal, 1436AH which means its Eid el-Fitr and it beautifully coincided with your birthday, you're 6 years old today and I'm still in awe at how much you've grown! You'll always be the 5 days old pre-term baby with the yellow cannula stuck in her tiny hand supported by cardboard to me. Have I mentioned I love you?! I do! With all that is me and until my dying breath. You have brought me so much joy and happiness, doesn't matter that you're far.

You know what you are to me? You're the proverbial "light at the end of a tunnel". I always feel I'm in a tunnel with no way out and no hope and then I look up and there you are, shining brighter and more steady than the lights from a lighthouse. You keep me going forward forgetting my pain and loneliness. I think of you and I smile sometimes I laugh...oh how I've told the story of you over and over and over again! There's no doubt you are just the ultimate in my life.

This is a late post, I returned from Jaji so tired I only wanted to sleep. We had so much fun and you were really happy. Happiest I've seen you in a long time, may Allah keep you so all the time, ameen. Your mommy says you woke up really early waiting for me to bring your cake. Oh and you've began to loose your teeth, the lower incisor has fallen out and is already growing. I can't get enough of you, Sunshine and love. You are special for only a handful of people have their birthday's coincide with Eid. May we live in good Faith to witness more Eids and birthdays, ameen.

Have a blessed and beautiful love filled year. Ameen.

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