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Friday, June 29, 2012


My experience with Sickle Cell Anemia had a great role in my life like so many other patients suffering from the disease.
I didn't have the absolute fun childhood that most grown ups today talk about and even wish they could go back to the days. Growing up with Sickle Cell meant so many restrictions and problems for me; I couldn't play and jump around like other kids, I didn't do any sports in school, I was constantly in pain and admitted in the hospital monthly. Most of the time I missed school attendance, and I didn't have time to make friends. Sickle Cell also meant taking daily medications which wasn't fun. My diet was also different, my parents made sure I ate healthy and included fruits and vegetables to my meals. Also, I didn't have much of chocolates, candies and desserts. With Sickle Cell, my growth was delayed and I was always the smallest in a group of friends, even though I was usually the oldest. Sickle Cell anemia has left me with many complications in my joints and internal organs, some of which have been corrected. But the worst damage it has done to my body is osteoporosis and other bone/joint disease that confined me to a wheelchair for 7 years.
Alhamdulillah we found a cure for this disease and I got cured, and Alhamdulillah I am learning to walk again.
My prayers are with my brothers & sisters suffering from this disease,you are not alone.

~Samira Sanusi


  1. I am happy you are getting stronger, welldone!
    May God give to each strength to carry his/her cross. Amen

    1. Ameen, my dear. Thank you very much <3

  2. I think i met Samira 2 weeks ago here in a late cousin's house. Did u get cured too Fatum? May Allah make u guys stronger, isA.