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Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, the very honorable (NOT) St. Valentines day is a few days away.What a bunch of rubbish, slaying dragon and all what nots. Please for the sake of common sense, why must one wait 364/365 days to celebrate love, exchange gifts, make time to say "I love you", and even wear the color red? Ina ganin ikon Allah!(I am seeing miracles).
This write up is to remind my fellow females, and hope that poor unsuspecting girls won't fall for this celebration. It is just a means for the boys to get some booty. Nothing goes for nothing, or rather, something goes for nothing. Uh huh, he takes you out, fast food romantic atmosphere, compliments you and makes you feel like "mehn, this has got to be love". You keep going, laughing and loving the feeling, and when the night is almost over, he makes you feel like its the perfect way to round it up. How? Going back to a secret place where he can show you how much he 'loves' you. For the life of me I still don't see how love lies beneath the pants. Its so sad and annoying that in this modern day, an assuming young man has to lie to have sex. Its a simple thing really, just ask or get married but don't use love or deception of marriage as a means to wipe off your pee pee. You should know that what goes around, comes around. A few days back I read on my TL(twitter time line) "#DearFutureWife I'm the only one allowed to measure you" wato, it's good for you to measure another persons dream girl but not yours, right? The main problem here is that its the girls that suffer everything.It might be your sister, or niece, or granddaughter that may be the next target.
Ittaqullah fil nisa'a. Fear Allah when it comes to women. That's the only thing I can tell my fellow brothers in Islam and humanity.
As for the girls/ladies, I beg you for the sake of your own happiness, valentines day or any other day, always keep in mind, if he loves you, he wont be shady, he wont pressure you, he wont lie and he definitely wont waste your time. Sex is worth the wait. Believe me, I know *winks*. Be bold, be beautiful, be brave, and do not sell out!
May your everyday be "Valentines day" and may the chance to show and be shown genuine love never pass you by. I did hear an "AMEN", right?

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